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IB Economics HL and SL is opted by many IB Students to improve their aggregate score and they are correct in the sense that scoring a perfect 7 in IB Economics is predictable and achievable is certain instruction followed regularly. There are few pragmatic achievable and realistic steps to be followed if your goal is 7 grade. First of all regular revision of the Economics course should be done at least twice a week for 2 hours. Going through the standard textbook written by Ellie Tragakes (Recent Edition by Cambridge) is a must. This book gives in depth knowledge of Micro and Macro economics taught in 11th grade. Going through the current economics article in newspaper help the student to grasp the practical aspect as IB course is application based curriculum. Paper 3 which is quantitative and application based is very scoring and helps in improving overall grade. Our IB Home Tutor in Gurgaon assist in providing all worked out examples for paper 3 practicing them make student perfect. Apart from Paper 1, 2 and 3, the IA, Economics commentary on 3 Articles from current news which carries weightage of 20% is very supportive in improving overall grade. Our tutoring method is based on providing topic wise questions which is students centric and help in learning economics very easy. Practicing and practicing topic wise past papers by our IB Economics Home tutors make perfect and becomes easier to score 7.

Our Features:

  • Comprehensive and continuous assessment.
  • IB student centric revision.
  • Customised and Tailor made to suit specific needs of each students.
  • Full assistance in Internal Assessment, Extended Essays TOK.
  • Topic wise questions based on past papers.
  • One on one or in group home tuition.
  • Online IB Economics tuitions.
  • Support provided by our IB trained professionals tutors.
  • Full proof guarantee of perfect 7 grade if all instruction followed.
  • IB Winter and summer crash course Revision of the whole syllabus in 30 classes.


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